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I drove to the gym on saturday to find to my dismay that they close at like 6:00PM. That sucks. I watched some Demian Maia BJJ Dvds with the trainining partner, at least.

Explosive Conditioning

Clean and Jerk 3,3,3 @ 105lbs
Snatch 3,3,3 @ 65lbs

Burpee Circuit
1:30, rest, 1:30

10lbs to the olympic lifts. Starting to get more familiar with them and so we slowly increase the weight. I added the burpees today. I think they'll be great for maintaining explosiveness and building endurance. I got my ass kicked by them today, my legs felt like rubber and I burned out faster than I expected. This kind of sucks, but it's also a good thing because I've found a weak spot that will provide alot of improvement with work. I also have to wonder how the effects of the stomach flu that started 8 days could still be lingering, can't use that as an excuse anymore though.

The short term goal is to do a mock amateur fight in burpees. 3 rounds of 3 minutes with 1 minute rest inbetween. The long term goal is to do a mock championship pro fight in burpees (5x5 minutes). I want to reach the long term goal by the time I fight, I don't know if this is doable yet, but we'll find out. It's about 16 weeks until I fight, which means 16 sessions of these. I might do them twice a week if I'm not on pace and I can squeeze it into the already demanding schedule. This and the barbell complex are going to be the heart of my cardio.

BJJ tonight.
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