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warm up run, jumping jack/squats/pushup drill, some ab/neck exercises, a few different guard pass drills, an armbar drill, escaping north south drill, an armbar escape drill. It was drill day apparently. Then guard passes, first guy I passed a couple times and didn't get passed. Second guy passed me once, and I got stuck in his half guard and couldn't pass in time. Advanced classes techniques were an escape from back control, escaping the triangle, and maybe something else... that's about all I remember.

Then rolling. First guy I kept in my guard pretty effectively. Ended up taking his back and going for an armbar. He tapped early because I think I fell on his shoulder and hurt it a bit. He's alright though. Second was a blue belt, we were back and forth quite a bit, he gave me mount on purpose and tried a collar choke but didn't do it right or something because I took his back. I was working for a choke and he did something to my ankle to make my knee pop. Damn, didn't think it was that easy to do that unless you crossed your feet while on their back. There was probably an obvious escape but I didn't know it so I tapped right away. Third guy we were to even a match and ended up fighting alot in eachothers guard. As soon as one would get a dominant position we'd get swept and back to grinding in guard. Fourth was a very small girl that apparently did judo for 20 years and was just starting out. She had an injury so I was told to just play guard. So that's what I did, practicing closed and open guard and giving her a light sweep when she was majorily unbalanced.

Good class. My shoulder popped a bit during the armbar drill, but it seems okay now. My knee got a bit of a stretch in that submission, but it feels okay. I was happy with my endurance during the rolling, definitely getting that gas tank back.

Muay Thai tomorrow morning.
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