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Originally Posted by Rambler14
If I remember correctly, Dana White announced Hughes/Gracie as a "Super Fight" in late 05 or the very beginning of 06.

That being said, what Super Fights are you looking forward to in 2007?

Liddell/Rampage 2
Sylvia/Cro Cop?
GSP/Hughes 3

Does anybody care to see Gracie fight in the UFC again? Maybe Dana would try Gracie/Couture or Gracie/Shamrock?
no i wouldn't care to see Gracie in the octagon anymore. His days are past and there are *much* better fighters around nowadays. Besides, i heard he got $400,000 for that Hughes fight... what a waste of money, considering they're paying much more promising new talent around $3000 a fight. I could see some crazy matchups set up with that kind of money.. heck, even Fedor would come in for a single fight for that much. Now THAT i'd pay to see.
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