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How does Spong measure up?

With his seeming emergence into the K-1 circuit Spong is bound to fight the big boys and a lot of what is going to determine Spong's success is if he can keep his speed as he puts weight on and so far he has managed to do that. Here is how I think some of the fights would go for Spong right now.

vs Remy Bonjasky - This is the fight I really want to see because these guys fight very similar. I would give the edge to Remy in defense and kicks and give Spong the edge in boxing. I would also give Spong the edge in putting strikes together because Remy's boxing while improved just isn't as good. As of right now, I would pick Remy on points but a very competitive fight.

vs Badr Hari - Interesting fight, Hari is a bad dude that can put any fighter to sleep when he connects. Has good boxing and good kicks, defense leaves a lot to be desired and he doesn't have a great chin but he has got some crazy recovery ability. Spong would use the same tactics that Remy has used against Hari and may catch Hari coming in but I would have to pick Hari by points as of now.

vs Peter Aerts - Aerts takes this and may stop Spong. Tyrone has a tendency to take some leg kicks instead of checking them and that's not good against Peter. Spong would need to move a lot to try and tire Peter out and then go after him.

vs Errol Zimmerman - You know, I would take Spong over Errol right now. I love Errol, love watching him fight but with the skill set Spong has I could see him taking this on points. Errol doesn't have the best gas tank and when he gets tired them hands drop and Spong can and will take advantage of this. He has to just survive the early storm from Errol and I think he could take a late TKO but more likely win on points.

vs Ewerton Teixeira - Another fight I feel Tyrone could win now. Ewerton surprised the shit out of me with how improved his boxing got between his fights with Musashi and Errol. With that said, Spong is better everywhere and would probably take this on points.

vs Gökhan Saki - Well we shall see how this fight goes in a month but I am taking Spong on points here. Spong just needs to worry about Saki's kicks and keep moving so he can take advantage of his reach and boxing advantage.

vs Ruslan Karaev - Karaev is an explosive guy and can put you on your ass. To me Karaev is a lesser version of Hari, offensively he is pretty damn good but not as good as Hari, his defense is like Hari's but a little worse, and his chin isn't great like Hari's but Hari can recover better. Spong takes this on a late TKO.

vs Jerome Le Banner - This could go a lot like JLB/Remy with the difference being Spong could offer JLB more in the way of his boxing. But at this point I think Jerome is just to damn big and knows how to deal with fighters like Spong for Spong to win. Jerome on points.

vs Semmy Schilt - Semmy is just way to big right now for Tyrone, Semmy by TKO.

vs Melvin Manhoef - The fight I really don't want to see but this goes pretty much like the fight with Errol where Spong needs to survive the early onslaught and wait for Melvin to get tired. But Melvin has a great chance of stopping Spong because of how explosive he is.
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