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Today was my first real day at the pro gym, since the first week I forgot my mouthguard, and the second week I was getting over puking and shitting my insides.

Got in, stretched, waited around for them to start. We started off with muay thai sparring with takedowns. There was switching off but generally we did two 5 minute rounds at a time, and we all did about 6 rounds in all. I got my ass kicked. I was swarmed by the little guys, taken down plenty, eating hooks and shit. I would pop off a jab or a 1-2, and I was landing kicks, but for the most part smaller guys were closing in on me and lighting me up. I was told that I fight like I'm the smaller guy. I also was told I wasn't utilizing the jab. It's all good though, I expect to be a punching bag here for awhile until I can fully relax, have proper striking endurance, and know what the **** I'm doing. Honestly, I just felt out of gas and my shins, hips, and shoulders bailed on me so I couldn't throw well. So anyways, 30 mins of sparring beat the hell out of me in pretty much every way possible. After this I thought we'd be done but instead he went to give us drills. We did a variety of drills for throwing combos with punches and kicks and checking them. We did drills on the bag with a guy on each end so we're kicking it to eachother. We drilled push kicks so we're pushing it everytime it's coming back to us. We drilled knees. I totally fell apart around here and looked like a noob. Everyone starts somewhere.

So now I'm in the most pain I've had for awhile. I don't think there's any injuries so I guess this is for the best. Right now I've got big blisters on my feet, shins splints galore, and legs that have been kicked enough to make walking up stairs an ordeal. Depending on what kind of condition I find myself in tomorrow, I might take a day of rest, or at least skip muay thai/mma and just do the endurance conditioning. We'll see.
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