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Originally Posted by MLS View Post
Yeah Remy's leg kicks would give him problems, I would see Spong trying to keep him up against the ropes or in the corner (since Remy is as physical as some of the others) as often as he could to help out with this and try and fight in close. Though, then you bring Remy's knees in to the equation.

Yeah I still think Hari takes it right now, to me it's just whether or not it's on points or by stoppage. Hari can ******* pressure you like no other so he could overwhelm Spong and catch him with something.

I can't picture Aerts as anything other than the ass kicker he was back in the day.

I think Jerome still could or at least bully Spong around if he gets into some trouble.
Yeah, no one can match Hari's pressure, it's almost new to K-1 (Since the golden age) and that's why no one can handle it (except for good counter punchers)

And yeah I figured thats still how you see Aerts, and thats how I wish I could as well.

I'm still doubtful on JLB, unfortunately.
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