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Genius of Will Vanders

I miss seeing all the K1 and kickboxing events on eurosport UK, especially Will's colourful commentary. I'm glad to see there's loads on this week and in the upcoming weeks, so hopefully there'll be tons of Will Vanderisms.

Here's some of his quotes from the past few years:

"On that right hook he's got more swing than Glenn Miller's band."

"That one was so slow that Nostradamus predicted it."

"You have to liken him to Picasso, every stroke is a masterpiece."

"He's all over the canvas like a Salvadore Dali."

"Cinderella is going to the ball."

"Always the bridesmaid, never the Bride."


"Elvis has left the building."

"He's been kissing pigskin."

"He's Busier than a Bishop's hat."

"Pound and ground." (sic)

"7 Foot 2. What did you say? I say, I say, I say, 7 Foot 2."

"I don't think Iron Mike's eating Oriental tonight."

"This fight is as over as disco."

"How about that for chin soufflé."

"He's ripping it up gnarly stylee."

"He's taken more hits than a Paris Hilton website."

"He's all over him like a cheap suit."

"He's more flat footed than young Frankenstein putting on the ritz."

"That kick had a 2nd class stamp on it."

"He's got more kick than a drowning horse."

"He's drinking from the bitter chalice of defeat."

"He's on him like a drunk on a kebab."

"That punch travelled all the way up the M1 from Wolverhampton."

"You can play Football, you can play Rugby, but you can't play K1."

"That punch sparkled like moonlight on a mountain spring!"

"This guy's punches are like Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles!"

"He's like a Rhino in riot gear."

"He's taking more knocks than a front door."

"He's made more chin connections than the Bangkok telephone exchange."

"This Man's a one Man riot."

"He's got a one-way ticket to Loserville, on a Train called Despair."

"Bye bye pepsi cola, hello holy wine."

He's a funny bloke, even more so when he unintentionally gets it wrong.

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