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Originally Posted by IronMan
Since I got back in the states about six months ago I've been doing free-running, which is a european sport, also known as Parkour. I've been on it on my own time as a way of keeping up my cardio and toning the whole body.

Parkour is basically a martial art within itself. It's called "modern ninjutsu" by some, but mostly it's just the art of movement. It's the way of getting from point a to point b with absolute grace and doing things that we don't think about. It's like a sport where all you need is your body and the cityscape.

I know that my approach sounds a little bit far fetched, but if anyone is interested I can start a thread on Parkour as a park of MMA training, which is what it is becoming for me.
go for it I am some what familiar with Free running but do not know the details

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