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Originally Posted by Steeda3
Lebell taught Bruce Lee Judo.....Chuck Norris taught lee Kicks from Kickboxing....He studied Ali to get boxing and footwork down...and he learned Jiu Jitsu from Wally Jay....This guy was the real deal....I think in a no rules street fight this guy would be unbeatable.
many martial artists who fought bruce in sparring sessions have said they would never want to fight him for real.. I think bruce would have entereed MMA becasue he liked to compete and I think it would have given him a chance to find flaws in his personal style. In his weight class no one I think would have been able to beat him and in open weight what he lacked in size his speed and power would have overwhelmed the heavier fighters though they would have had a better chance some of the top ones maybe even beating him at least once.. but just once.

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