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I felt alot better after taking thursday off. Still, my legs have the weirdest soreness to them. A little bit too much exertion on the shins and it feels like when you have a calf spasm, except in my shin. I think I just worked the hell out of them the other day, which will hopefully in turn get them stronger and vanquish these shin splints once and for all. I got most of my range of motion back, which is important.

Muay Thai

Skipping 15 mins. Shadowboxing 3 rounds. Then I got to spar with Kajan for 3 rounds. He was obviously going easy on me because I was actually doing alright. I'm getting better at retaliating, following up in combos, and slipping punches. He emphasized using my left side to do all my damage. Also told me to hold the center of the ring and work on cutting him off as he worked around me. All in all my shins were on fire but I did alright. My contact popped out like right away but I wasn't going to scramble for it, I'm going to lose contacts in fights so it's good practice. It's actually not too bad having one wonky eye, it's going to suck losing both though. I'll probably need a cornerman ready with contact lense, lol.


Warm up run, then we did a drill with a partner holding a medicine ball, punching it from a stand, then he goes to his knees and we knee it, then he goes on the ground, punches from knee on belly, punches from mount, breaking his guard and punches from there, then from my guard. Pretty cool drill. Did 2 rounds each.

Technique was based around being on the ground while your oppponent is standing in front of you. Learned to not lie flat on your back but instead on one hip and elbow, with a leg poised for push/upkicks. Learned how to get some decent power on a leg kick from there by swing your hips to the other side. Also learned the proper stand up to keep yourself protected and make space. Also learned a basic stand up move from guard where you fight for space then get your feet on his chest and do a big push, then do your stand up. We also learned how to do a good upkick. It's tricky get up on your other foot and hand and get the right explosiveness, but I got a few. apparently you're also striking with the ball of your foot, which I didn't know.

Then we just did a few rounds from guard where the bottom guy is trying to protect himself and stand up, while the guy on top is throwing light strikes, passing, putting pressure on, etc. Good stuff.

I'll evaluate what I'm doing tomorrow when I wake up. Depending on the state I'm in I'll -

1)Go train at the pro gym for mma sparring
2)Do strength or endurance conditioning
3)Rest (not likely)
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