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Absolute Strength Conditioning

Squats 6,6,6 @ 255lbs
DB Bench 6,3 @ 80lbs
Chin up 6,6,6 @ b/w + 5lbs
Deadlift 4 @ 255lbs

I could haved gone to MMA sparring at the pro gym, but I've had 3 days with sparring and only 1 day of conditioning so I'm going for some balanc. This was my first day of absolute strength in at least two weeks and I had the flu shit inbetween so I was expecting to be weaker. I got all caffeinated up just to make it fun. The squats were really ******* hard but I added 10lbs from last time and did em. Added 5lbs to the DB bench and failed early on in my second set. Added 5lbs to the chin ups. Added 10lbs to the deadlift but once again found my legs and back too strained form squats to be deadlifting on the same day. I didn't want to hurt my back so I stopped early. I was initially planning on merging my strength and endurance conditioning days into one ultra 2 hour workout, but my body wasn't up for another hour. I'm going to ponder how to merge my 3 conditioning days into 2 because I don't think I'll manage 3 sessions a week at this intensity.

Good day! Weight is 211lbs.

My first fight is in 103 days. I'm a human weapon.

UFC tonight!
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