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Originally Posted by ROCKBASS03
That is freaking hilarious. Some guy whining about seeing fights in HD. Good god, if the picture on your TV is so bad you need HD, buy a new one. There is no need for HD on a PPV. Do you really need to see the blood any clearer than you already do? To think a man or men would be complaining about HD fights, and even saying they need them to be taken more seriously
obviously you've never seen sports in HD, its not that its not clear, its just the picture quality is sooo much better. My TV is fine, but if im gonna be dropping 40$ on a PPV I dont see why it can't be in HD and I fully utilize my TV and the service. What I was saying about UFC needs HD to be taken more seriously is just a fact. Every other major sport in this country is broadcast in HD and I think while it wouldn't increase the revenue of the sport by that much it just adds to its credibility.
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