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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko
I agree.. Royce was awesome back in the day but that's because he had other fighters ignorance on his side. I respect him for building the sport but the reason for his winning the early fights is because hardly any of the fighters knew of jiu-jitsu. A lot (but not all) of the fighters in those days were still playing around with that worthless tae-kwon-do / karate crap that's only good in movies, or worse, were lumbering technique-less fist-swingers. Today every serious mma fighter trains in jiu-jitsu and knows how to defend against it.. you have to be really athletic and good at it to win with just that nowadays. Even if Royce were in his prime today, he'd get killed in the UFCs welterweight division.
anyway back to the main topic, here's the superfights i hope to see:

Liddell / Wanderlei (pleeease happen!)
CroCop / Sylvia
Arlovski / Vera
Couture / Ortiz II (couture said wants it, if..)
Fedor vs The Predator
taekwon do karate crap that only works in movies? Two of the UFC champions are karate practitioners.

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