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Mon: 1 hr TKD conditioning.
Tue: 4 mile run, tkd at 8 probably won't be cardio which is usual for the intermediate class. I've been avoiding Tuesday nights for 3 weeks or so b/c i've had enough of one-steps to last me for years.
Wed: 4 mile run, TKD conditioning at 7, last night my teacher says "we're going to work legs tomorrow" and I"m thinking, when do we not work legs to an insane degree? Oh yeah, when we're working abs far past the point of disappearing sense of humor.
Thur: 4 mile run, sparring at 8, not sure what we'll be doing. I think it's self-defense which could be fun renduri or boring ass one steps. I was sooo wrong! it was thai boxing but I just ended up working basic boxing with my teacher while the 2 18 yr olds beat the sh!t out of each other getting ready for a competition in Columbus this weekend. I got hit a lot but I had a great time, I better have because my arms and shoulders kill today. I didn't do a damn thing today except run a mile on the belt skipping treadmill while my younger daughter was in TKD.
Sat: 4 mile run, 2 blast sets for biceps, 3X12 assisted tricep dip, then I got kind of bored tbh and bailed, b/c I have a bunch of stuff I still had to do at home.

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