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Warmup drilling, armbar drill, collar choke combo drill. Technique was advancing from a basic side control to getting your knee under their shoulder for better control, then knee on belly for points, and finally mount. In guard passes I didn't do any passing but didn't get passed either. I did however get kimurad. I was feeling really tired at this point.

For advanced Dave decided to shark tank the people with competitions/fights coming up, which means I was one of them. They were 2 minute rounds before the next guy switches in, and starting in my guard. This was a good thing because the guard is probably my strongest point. First guy was a blue belt who for some reason didn't want to start in my guard, I rushed him into his half guard, got on the side and into an arm triangle. Snuck out of half guard, then started pivoting and tightening. Time ran out before I could tap him, but it was nice because I could rest up here. Next guy stayed in my guard most of the time and I caught him in a triangle and could hear him gargling but I couldn't finish. Oh well. Next two guys were smaller so I decided to chill and preserve my energy a bit, kept them in guard/body triangles for most of the roll. Next guy was the huge bastard and he had me stacked but couldn't pass before running out of time. Final guy gave me a hell of an elbow grinding into my thighs, ended up standing to break guard, but couldn't get past my legs to pass. I survived and never really got threatened. Woot.

Then a few more people got shark tanked and I got to participate in that a bit but most of us were just sitting around watching for awhile.

Finally by the time that was done we had a couple rounds left. I went with a dude and managed to catch him in an armbar from guard. Then when we restarted I took his back and RNCed. Next guy was a blue belt and we fought around in guard/half guard for a round, he ended up passing to side control by the time the bell went. Final guy I was stuck in his guard/half guard for most of the round and couldn't get past, he was a newer guy but he's learning fast.

End of class. Dave said he'll start rolling a few rounds of no-gi with me at end of class on monday. Should be a real good chance to get some legit insight (and ass kicking) from a black belt.

I was feeling shitty today but my moods changed a bit after having a really good class.

Tomorrow I'm not training in the morning but will probably go for a stretch/sauna. I'm going in an hour early to meet up with a dude to do some sparring and rolling before class.
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