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Went in an hour early to meet up with some guys for stand up sparring. Did 4 rounds. I did alright. Still getting tired, and need to throw more combos. Tomorrow I'm going to focus on my breathing. I lost a contact again. I'm going to have to get daily disposables to use when I spar.

MMA class. Warmup run..then we did some tumbling including attempting walking handstands and failing. Technique was starting with someone in your half guard, using forearm pressure to get an underhook, reaching over to the opposite hip, pulling yourself down into the guy, face into their chest, square up your hips, outside leg comes around to stand up. We did this over and over for like half an hour. Then we drilled it. I did okay here and got to roll with Kajan where he did things I can't begin to describe besides maybe the words butterfly guard. The toughest day is tomorrow.
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