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Originally Posted by mrmyz
taekwon do karate crap that only works in movies? Two of the UFC champions are karate practitioners.
Just curious, but which ones? Because, like nickman9000 said, I doubt they really use much of it; as opposed to say jiu-jitsu or Muay Thai/Kickboxing guys who use primarily their main discipline. Just because someone trained in a discipline doesn't mean it's the reason for their success. I myself trained in TKD up to green belt in my teen years until I realized it was worthless in a real (or close to real, like MMA) fight. So if I do good in a fight, it doesn't say $hit for TKD.
Personally have no exp. with Karate so I'm willing to admit I *might* be wrong about that. At first glance though, it seems just as flashy and impractical as TKD though so I'm prob right.
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