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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko
Jiu Jitsu is only ineffective by itself when your opponent is skilled in it as well and knows how to defend it (as all modern MMA fighters do). Against anyone else, it's devastating.. watch that same Royce Gracie in the 1st 3 UFCs if you doubt it.

Karate and TKD are ineffective against anyone period. Or for that matter Aikido.

And before anyone goes off on me for trashing these disciplines, let me say that they are great as sport and exercise, and for building discipline, responsibility and coordination. I just think some people see them as these awesome killer styles, and that will lead to them getting their butt kicked.
what do you think this stuff was derrived for originally? this stuff wasnt to be used in the ring if a mma fighter fought a true karate practitioner they would lose. Some of the techniques they use arent allowed in mma. There are techniques for ripping ears, eye gauging, various throat shots etc that arent allowed in mma. Karate is a system of dirty fighting there are no rules.

Look up brian frost he has a undefeated record in thailand for kick boxing he trained under the founder of koei kan and just went over there and beat the crap out of some of the best thai boxers in thailand before saying ok screw this crap. look up Jack Sabat who trained chuck lidel.

Originally Posted by nickman9000
I think Liddell started w/ Kenpo karate. As for Kenpo techniques that work, how about the ol'thumb in the eye? Thats Kenpo all the way. The only TKD technique I've seen work is the spinning wheel kick(or something like that) ala Bonnar or David Loiseau. Gotta give Rogan credit for that one.
he started in koei kan

Chuck Liddell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

koei kan crest

liddell tatoo

chuck liddells kenpo tatoo

sorry to burst your bubble

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