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I dont think its a fair question to ask because there are alot of skillful people out there that arent in the lime light. So when people ask stuff like this you cant really give a good answer. Alot of the BJJ and other types of grappeling dont impress me because its so common. There are some really good grapplers out there that use alot of small joint manipulation that is really effective and people dont practice alot. There are also grapplers out there that focus on pressure points to attain submitions and to escape submitions.

My dad was in the marines and he was stationed in Germany for awhile. My dad was really into judo back then and Judo is really big in europe. One of my dads favorite submitions was the triangle choke which is used alot in Judo. He told me that he participated in this big event in europe that was a tournament of some sort. So while he was there he said he ended up putting some one in a triangle choke and then they ended up escaping but they did it through nerve manipulation.

The guy hit a spot somewhere on his leg and then his leg relaxed and the guy got out of the triangle or some crap like that. Which goes to show you there are people out there that can use nerve manipulation to there advantage. Aside from some of the old practitioners of some dieing arts in japan and some chinese systems you dont really hear about that stuff.

Theres also a way to squeeze both of your temples with your thumb and pointer finger that can disorient you if you know how to hit the spot

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