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Originally Posted by linkster01
Good technique = power and speed, work your jabs and crosses untill your moving fluid and fast. Then you will get power.
yeah technique is what generates knock out power not brute streghnth. At my gym one of the old school boxers had a demonstration where he proved that him being this short 5'5 little old man could throw a harder punch then this huge guy. It was all in the technique.

What helps is tecnique also heavy bag works but you want to try and hit a makiwara as well. The reason being is if you rely on just the heavy bag your going to limit your punches subcontiously at the moment of impact. What you want to train to do is punch through your oponent which generates more force into the strike. Thats what a makiwara comes in handy because it teaches you to punch through your oponent. you need to use the heavy bag in conjunction with this because the makiwara is a flat surface and you need to work around it but the heavy bag gives you a more human like form to practice on

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