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Traing @ Pro gym

Came in, stretched, warmed up, sparred for 4 rounds. They said I did much better and was more aggressive. I'd probably agree. I also took more damage though. Halfway into the first round I leaned out of a headkick but the foot caught me clean on the nose and the blood started to flow. Finished the round feeling like a badass. After the sparring my left shoulder and elbow were aching at the joints. I think it was the kimura I got caught in on monday. I tried to muscle my way out of it when I should have been tapping, now things are a litte overextended and sore. Lesson learned. Paul told me to do a few rounds just kicking the bags. Done. Sat around and watched them do drills, probably looked like a wimp but ah well. I'm feeling real beat up again today, I'll see how I feel tomorrow, either a rest day or a light lifting day. Definitely a stretch/sauna day.
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