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Post Supplments that work and dont work!

Here are the supplements that work and all you need.
Protein (Whey or Casein)

Everything else is pretty much junk.

Creatine is junk, I tried to takei t for 2 years, did nothing but give me diarrhea and horrible stomach pain.

Nitric Oxide, yes it gives you pumps but you dont need becasue if you work out properly, you will get pumps.

Anything that is made by BSN is junk.

Anything that claims to promote testosterone is junk

DHEA, is junk, it has the ability to give you too much estrogen, it is not chemically structured properly to increase your testosterone and only people over 50 should even consider it, if a doctor reccomends it.

Anything that claims to increase growth hormone is junk i.e. "Humagro" or "Always Young Renewal"

Celltech is junk, it's nothing but sugar and creatine.

Majority of the products on are junk and the ads are so fake it's rediculous.

I have use animalpak, it's just a waste of money, you pee your money right out.

You don't need 10 times the amount of vitamiins your body requires each day to improve anything.

Isoflavones are junk, they are fake, they do nothing at all. i.e. Methoxy

Anti-estrogen would only work if it were by prescription.

Glutamine I haven't tried yet but I will.

Other Amino Acids such as BCAA are not needed because your whey protein contains enough and plus your diet of meat should contain BCAA in it already, so no need to go buy 10 lbs of BCAA.

I've never tried HMB or Leucine but maybe I will someday.
I've never tried Casein protein but maybe I will some day!

Remember, if it isn't natural stuff like protein, vitamin and water, it's just junk without a presscription, it is not real.

Other supplements:

5-htp & Melatonin
seem to work pretty well to help me sleep.

Yohimbine HCL, increased my heart rate, gave me chest pains and hallucinations.


Are the biggest fakest crap out there, majority of all of them are just pills filled with stimulants, usually caffeine, with high prices that you could be paying $5 for 10 times the amount they sell it to you for and it doesn't burn fat it just gives you a lot of energy and it's a diuretic so you crap your brains out.

Don't buy any expensive brands, do not buy any combo supplements, stick to pure form supps so you know exactly what you're using and know it well.

Stick to the basics!

If it isn't FDA approved or backed by strict and strong clinical studies with sources cited, then it's not real either.

Shop around and be frugal, go with pure form generic brands, store is too expensive for most of their products.

Bulknutrition is a pretty good place for certain things.

Island Supplements isn't too bad of a place for the right stuff.

If you have any questions, please ask me and I wll try to answer them if I can.

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I respect the hell out of what you're doing man. You obviously have passion for the sport. Good luck with everything bro. Props dude.
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