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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
Blood- that's sounds like a very good book.

HeavyRob- What's House of Leaves about?

I just finished the 5th book of the Wheel of Time- this series is kickass and just keeps getting better- a lot stuff keeps getting added to the story line making it somewhat complex but very very interesting and entertaining. The books are long, average around 1,000 pages, but they're very worth it.

Trying to decide whether to go right into book 6 or take a small break to read Persian Fire, a history book on the Persian Empire or the lastest Star Wars book. Even as a huge fan of SW I will freely admit that most of the books are not great and many of the writers used are crap- but like a woman drawn to Danielle Steele books I've read all the SW books and will continue to do so.

I've taken a little break from the WoT books because I get too into them. I was staying up to late reading every night because I can't put them down. I stopped after the 5th book as well.

The book on raising a modern day knight has been really good and I'm about 50 pages form finishing it. ( I'll probably finish this puppy in the crapper tonight! haha )

Let me know how Persian Fire is. I've been considering that book myself.

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