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Originally Posted by Horus Ra View Post your research because i'm not going to do it for you.
Is that a way of saying that this research doesn't exist? You sit there and spew anecdotal claims that products do and don't work based on your personal experiences? Who can take you seriously. And you claim you're a bodybuilder? That career choice must have been short lived.

There is research out there you just don't want to accept the fact that it worked for other people and not you.

Originally Posted by Horus Ra View Post
2. ZMA and trib it works really? try having to be over 40 for it work duh!
Tell that to the people over at and and guarantee you'll get the shit negged out of you for being a moron. You can't argue with results.

I'd say that if someone gets Gynecomastia from Tribulus, I'd say it's doing something.

Ross Enamait also swears by ZMA and I suppose he's full of shit too right? I guess Patrick Arnold the genius behind THG and Andro, his word doesn't mean anything right?

Originally Posted by Horus Ra View Post
3. Gaba does claim to raise testosterone but it doesn't

I don't see anything here about raising testosterone, do you? Anyway how is an inhibitory neurotransmitter going to have any effect on Testosterone. Please Enlighten me.

Originally Posted by Horus Ra View Post
4. natural test boosters dont really work andonly work on people who are old and don't have natural test levels. do yoru freaking research. gosh.
I took Mass FX and had some nice gains in mass, feeling of well being, energy and libido and I'm 20. I suppose me and the people over at all the bodybuilding forums are full of shit too huh. Go read some logs over there and then tell me it's still bullshit.

Originally Posted by Horus Ra View Post

I just believe it's a waste of money to be using stuff you do not need and wont help you unless you are that old man with low testosterone or w/e.
It may have more effect on someone with low hormone levels but that doesn't mean if it's introduced to the body of a person with already naturally high levels that it won't do anything. Stop being Dumb.
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