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My punches are pretty fast. Ive heard of people that dont fully extend. I fully extend but I dont lock the joint. When you dont fully extend you become a weak hitter. I remember when I was in boot camp for the marines in marine corp martial arts they said a fully extended arm is a broken arm. They thought they were training safe fighters but they were really training weak hitters.

Also when you strike all of the weight should be on the ball of your foot if you look at pro boxers their heels dont touch the ground. When you see a heel touching that means his staminas on his way out if it isnt there already. You always want to be on the ball of your foot.

Ive noticed a trend that alot of strikers now a days are to concentrated on speed and are over looking punching streghnth. Yes speed generates power but the amount of contact you put into the throw is an even bigger factor. Thats why people brake boards in martial arts it has nothing to do with power its to train you to have good form and learn how to punch through your opponent. That is the most important part of striking.

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