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Originally Posted by Evil
I cant make a list of just ten moves. cops should know everything a BJJ or MMA fighter knows so they can get out of every possible Junkie or psycho situation.. your stuff is good too though. And bigger guns
we dont need to know everything an mma fighter knows because we have something holstered that can destroy a mma fighter before he is even in range to do anything. I dont need to know BJJ because if some one tries to fight me I will just tazer the shit out of him.

Originally Posted by JawShattera
lick nuts bro, 3/10 cops are dirty, 8/10 violate your rights
Yeah thats it, its rare that a cop will ever violate your rights because one the majority of the population dont know there rights and its your responsibility to inforce your rights. Also cops wont violate your rights because if we do any lawyer will have that evidence thrown out in court. Its called fruit of the poisonous tree. Unlawfully aquired evidence isnt admisible in court. So we do things by the book.

Originally Posted by JawShattera
wtf are you talking about evil, you sound like a little kid yourself talking like that. all i said is that allot of cops are dirty muther****ers. its no big deal.
show some respect for the shield. The only reason your still alive to talk stupid smack like that is because there are officers on the street that maintain the public order. Look what happened in New Orleans when their was no police presence because of the hurricane. It was chaos people did what ever the hell they wanted. The police maintain the order in this society show some respect you indignant little **** because my job is to keep you safe.

Originally Posted by JawShattera
edit, un-needed comments

one time i got my head slammed into the hood of a patrol car by some cop cuz i was at a spot check and i had a weed leaf air freshner thing in my car. i wasnt resisting or nothing he just did it.
i got more bullshit cop stories too but **** telling them unless someone asks.
ok so you gave the cop probable cause and judging from the way you post probably egged him on. We are human beings there are good cops and there are bad cops. Just like there are good teachers and there are bad teachers. We are human beings. I know exactly why you have had bad experiences with cops. We do something called an asshole test where we say something to piss you off to see how you react to the statement. We use this to asses the situation and we read body language. We are trained to pick up on specific cues. If I see that your an asshole my guard is going up and im maintaining my position of power.

Im sorry but we cant be nice if you have a police force full of daisy pickers no one is going to respect them. We arent here to coddle you we are here to inforce the law. If you dont want to deal with us then simply dont brake the law. If you have had a situation with a police officer it is because you initiated the situation in some way shape or form. Whether it be a traffic infraction that you committed or because you were doing something you werent supposed to.

oh and for those that want to know Im not local law enforcement yet. I'm a MP Reservist in the Army and I have served over seas in Afghanistan. I may have done and seen more then most cops on the street so my expertise is coming from that experience.

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