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Police should focus on their standard procedures. If you follow procedure the chances of you having to get into a grappeling situation are slim to none. Keep every one at a distance and if the situation starts getting sticky your gun, pepper spray and taizer are all on your belt.

As much as tv makes yout think that police work is uber dangerous its not 90% of us dont fire our guns because by the time we get there the offenders have either left, the situation is resolved or every ones shitting bricks because a cops there.

These are the only 10 grappeling techniques a cop needs to know everything else wont be used because of the way we handle situations.

1. Upa Escape - I beleive every person should at the very least understand how to escape from the mount. shit happens and you may find yourself in this situation and most people dont know how to deal with it. This is why the upa escape is probably the most important technique to learn.

2. Rear naked choke - you need this to pass some one out every once and awhile whether it be from a fight when your seperating people.

3. Sprawl - i think its important to know how to keep from being taken down because you cant use your weapons properly if your falling

4. Various wrist locks they dont really work to well on people who are martial artists but they work really good on people that dont know what the hell they are doing which is most of the population

5. How to escape a head lock

6. How to escape a clinch situation

7. Body transfer - knowing foot work is really important when your handeling people on the street.

8. Foot sweeps - Most sweeps are very basic so it doesnt take long to learn the hard part is training people how to set them up with off balancing.

9. Clinching techniques - under hooks over hooks body locks

10. I think they should be exposed to common take downs but not neccessarily trained in them. I think they should be familar with the common ones so they know how to defend against them but they dont need to be able to do them.

Like I said we really dont get into that many altercations where we need to use this stuff but you should prepare for the worst case scenario. These are the best techniques to learn because they compliment the officers streghnth.

Think of the cop as a long range striker. thats what they are they use their gun as their weapon and its effective in long range combat. He wants to keep away from people. So the best grappeling techniques he can learn are those which keep people away from him or get him away when hes to close.

Those techniques I think are the best ones that compliment the officers life style.

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