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Burpee Rounds 4 rounds of 2:00, 1:00 rest inbetween


I've dropped the olympic lifts for now, so this was a light short and sweet morning. Today I added 30 seconds to the rounds and added a 4th round from last week. It was tough but I had more energy/leg fatigue from not doing any lifting beforehand so it was manageable. It sounds like mixing burpees with shadowboxing w/ sprawls might be a good idea for fight simulation. I'm going to spend a bit more time doing straight burpees and then incorporate this.

Today I feel rested and motivated. I'm still being held down by a cold from over a week ago, though I think I'm nearing the end of it. I find that if you take a bit of cold and sinus medicine and hack and snort everything out of you before your workout, once you start breathing heavy it'll stop you from clogging up again for a few hours.

I just realized that the Tiger Balms are happenning this weekend in Vancouver. I kind of forgot about them. I'm going to enter into the Submission Grappling part for sure on Saturday. I've also been eyeing up the Modified Pankration. It's essentially a watered down M.M.A. fight, I think something like this might ease the transition into my first fight. Here's the link for the rules I'm a little unclear on what they mean by "Clean controlled head kicks and punches (touch contact)" What's touch contact? Is it full power or not? Without doing much looking around for a good one here's a pankration fight from this tournament

I'm going to talk to Dave and see what he knows about this, and tomorrow I'm going to ask Kajan if he thinks this would be good for me.

BJJ tonight. Last class Dave said he's going to roll a few rounds with me in No-Gi, so I'm going to touch up on things a bit by going through Saulo's Freestyle dvds for what it's worth. I'm going to need it.
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