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Warmed up with jumping jacks, squats, pushups, some ab stuff. Drilled some guard passes...I doubt these terms are the formal names but anyways... the monkey punch, the baseball slide, and a couple others. Practiced a simple guard break. Then we did guard passes. Once again I did well here passing guards and only got passed as I was showing him what to do.

In advanced we started by shark tanking the 3 guys going to compete in the Pan Ams in L.A. this week? next week? I don't know. Anyways I got kind of screwed here because at the end of the sharktank I was on the best guy there and got put in a triangle and otherwise dominated. I was pretty gassed and it was then my turn to get shark tanked. I did alright, I didn't get submitted though I got put into some very dangerous positions where I would have been finished with a more experienced guy. I did otherwise alright even when the gas tank ran out I was able to get out of bad positions.

After the shark tanking was done we worked a few escapes. First was an armbar from mount, you grab with your free hand for a extra few moments of saftey, swing your legs to create moment to pull yourself stacked on top of them, bring your one leg up behind them so as to not get swept back down, and then apply pressure and yank your arm out as if you were drawing a sword. Then there was a cool triangle escape where you posture, grip your hands into their stomach, lean down and stand up, then grab behind their head and posture yourself up explosively, then you can swing your legs to the side to pass. Unfortunately while drilling this my partner swung my legs over my head and I got rolled over my head twice with quite a bit of force. My neck and upper back felt pretty shitty after that. Their just sore now, but I think they'll stiffen up a lot in a few hours. Final escape that I learned was from side control with them applying shoulder pressure, cup your hand over their shoulder and pull your elbow in tight while you pull their shoulder off. Then bring your feet up to your butt and punch the sky with your free arm as you bridge, then right as space is made available, use your other hand to punch the sky in the other direction and turn around into top position with them turtled.

Then I got pulled aside to roll with Dave our black belt instructor. It would be a bit greedy to think that I could do well here, but I was really hoping that I could at least demonstrate that I had some sort of grasp on the sport. That didn't happen today. We started from a stand. He kind of stood there not really moving, just facing me with that quiet confidence that he had an answer for whatever I could throw at him. Regardless after circling it became apparent that I was going to have to do the takedown here. I shot in for the takedown, got a single leg, took him down, he had a kimura on me before we hit the ground. This happened like 3 times in a row, I'm pretty sure I got armbarred at least once as well. I also ended up with him mounted on me, with his hips digging into mine, legs wrapped, with his whole body on me and I couldn't move. Couldn't bridge, couldn't cross face to make space with my arms, nothing. I had never had a mount like that on me before. Anyways, that was all of it. His pointers were to relax and not force the action, and to have a lower base for the takedowns. I'm going to have to work on surviving taking a black belt down.

My left arm took a beating today with kimuras and armbars, it's sore again which is really shitty. My neck and upper back are probably pulled and I'm going to have alot of pain and stiffness tomorrow.
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