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Originally Posted by screenamesuck View Post
You don't seem to have the best life over at either. You post a thread asking for advice, but you seem to ONLY want advice that you like. You can't get better if you don't take criticism very well. Also, you do know you didn't have to pay to join this forum right?? I also LOVED the way you demanded to reopen one of your threads or you'd have the mod demoted lol. Pure classic you are Horus, pure classic
I have high reps there and I did get unbanned after I spoke to the ohter mods and the ceo, the guy was fired. I"m not looking for compliments, I'm look for specific instruction.

Originally Posted by CornbreadBB View Post
Your hand? Weird. They were not wrenches, if it was your beard that had done the bending, I would believe it, but you? With your hands? No. I honestly thought you were showing us that you were breaking pencils at first. Now that would be impressive!
I'll get you pictures of the wrenches

From the ADMIN of
Originally Posted by SugarShane View Post
I respect the hell out of what you're doing man. You obviously have passion for the sport. Good luck with everything bro. Props dude.
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