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Training @ fortress

Get in, wrap up, stretch, shadowbox.

Sparring. I think I did 5-6 rounds of 5 minutes. My first round was with Pele, who I heard has no concept of going light in sparring. Everyone was pretty uneasy about Pele sparring and I get put with him first. Great. Actually things went really well and he was very chill. I didn't hit hard because I didn't want to take advantage of him going light on me only to have him unleash the fury on me. So I survived that. I got a round with Kajan as well as a couple other guys, and all went pretty well. I got whacked quite a bit, but not as much as prior days, still, the blood was flowing from my nose before long. I think it's going to be permanently sore now.

After standup sparring we did 2 rounds of 5 mins just grappling from guard with light strikes. I got paired with the big boy sitting at 275. I started in his guard but got rolled over pretty quick. That's okay, I like the guard. He kept his weight on me and I felt pretty smothered but managed to keep him occupied. As he was reaching his arm back to my legs to try and break them I went for a triangle but he was too close to me and his neck was too thick for that to land, so he ended up up passing to side control. In hindsight I should have transitioned to an armbar. Battled here for awhile I was completely gassed but managed to find half guard and eventually reguard. That's about it. Next round we started in my guard and I was able to be a bit more active. Got a kimura sweep and took mount and then went back and forth between back control and mount. I was close to getting a rnc but it was difficult to get access to his throat, especially with mma gloves on. So I just jumped between these two positions doing light strikes. That's about it.

Next we did drills on the bags. 3 rounds, we did 20-30 seconds or so of regular bag work doing whatever, then he would say GO! and we'd do a constant 1-2 for 10-20 seconds. I also got pulled off the bag and had to do this shadowboxing with some dumbbells in my hands. That was tiring.

Finally we did 'ab conditioning' which is being put against the wall with your hands on your head and then getting punched in the stomach and side for 30 seconds, clinch and throw your partner against the wall, then do the same. We did this back and forth 2 or 3 times each. Class is over. Pain is mounting.

Not so sure if I'm doing the sub grappling in the tiger balms this saturday. I was lazy and didn't mail my registration which apparently has to be in by the 20th. So it looks like my only other option would be to drive to vancouver on friday and register. I was kind of hoping to train friday, and don't really want to drive all the way out there and back friday and saturday. I won't be too heartbroken if I don't enter.
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