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Originally Posted by nickman9000
Oh yeah, college is as big a money hustle as karate if not more. SOrry to burt your bubble!
are you serious .... thats why the average college graduate makes conciderably more then the counterpart that didnt go to college. Im sorry but that may have been true 20 years ago but our society is becoming more geared towards education. That was a very ignorant statement.

Name one career that you can make over 45k a year with out a degree? Career advancement is also much easier with a college degree. You have to be an idiot if you think two guys are working at the same place and one of them isnt educated and the other has a masters that the uneducated guy is getting the promotion.

Right now im a reservist for the army I just finished my degree and im going to work on becoming a officer in the military. When I do that my pay is going to double just because I have a degree. When I become a civilian cop I am going to be making 10% more pay then regular officers just because I have a degree.

When it comes time for sarge promotions who do you think they are going to pick for a promotion. One of my teachers was the cheif of police for broward county sherifs office. He himself said that he will look over cops that have been on the force for 10 years for promotions and give the sarge position to a college graduate with three years of expereince.

If you want to work laybour the rest of your life you dont need to get a degree but if you want to move up the hierarchy at any position you need education. Your obviously very young or very diluded.

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