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Muay Thai

Skipping, shadowboxing, drilled combos on partners.

Run, tumbling, technique was lots of work finding GNP positions from half guard and side control. Don't feel like going over them. After we practiced them we drilled starting from half guard.

Today I felt very tired, hurt, and unmotivated. It's just been a few tough classes this wee, monday+wednesday were killers. I'm not training tomorrow, going to get plenty of rest and probably not do any conditioning at all next week. My sleepings been ******* terrible again, once that falls apart everything goes. I'm going back to STRICTLY no caffeine whatsoever. No more using it to catchup on shitty days, I'm going to grin and bear it.

The total pain is joint soreness in my shoulders and elbows, especially on my left side. My sides aches from taking those body shots for that drill on wednesday, it's not muscle soreness, my actual kidney or liver hurts. Shin splints are lingering, back and neck are sore and stiff. My left thumb hurts because I somehow punched someone with just my thumb connecting. Oh, and my nose is really bruised underneath and just poking it hurts, never mind it getting crushed.
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