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It's nothing even close to steroids or even Prohormones.

It's what's called a natty test booster.

It contains a combination of Herbs to boost your natural production.

The only good thing in there is the 3,4 Divaniltetrahydrofuran which is an extract of stinging nettle root which has been shown to increase free testosterone.

Depending on your diet and how hard you train you may gain up to a pound or two.

You may experience some small increases in strength.

Some of the more significant things you may notice is boosts in libido, more energy, better sleep, well being etc. And even then the results will be minor.

Side effects, if you get any at all may be a little bit of acne and some increases in aggression

Cycle would probably be 4-6 weeks on and then an equal amount of time off before starting something else similar again

And for $129.95 it's a complete rip-off.

If your looking for a product with the same idea behind it try these. They are a lot cheaper and I know a lot of people who like them

If you can tell me what exactly you want to get out of something like this

Muscle Gain
Aggression in the Gym
Overall Well Being etc I could probably tell you which one would be better
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