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Originally Posted by SurfNinja View Post
I'm glad I got to read mjb's posts because of you guys quoting him, but why did you delete them? I do think the banned members at least deserve to have their side of the story for public view, it would be the democratic thing to do.

Anyways regarding the MMA areas of the forum, I think they need a revamp. I mean, look at the "In The Ring!" section; 12 subsections to click on! IMO it is a little intimidating and makes the forum look sloppy. What about making "Western MMA", "Eastern MMA" and (maybe) "European MMA" subsections so you can have several promotions within one click? Remember, interweb users are lazy as can be, so the less searching and clicking the better.

Other sections could use a little cleaning up too, like the "More MMA Discussion" area. If you condense the "In The Ring!" section you could probably just merge the two. Might be good to get rid of the "Women of MMA" section, that place tends to be a cesspool anyways, a lot of that discussion can go in the General MMA area or the Lounge.

And the rep system, I see this problem a lot; the older a forum gets the more broken the rep system will become. People have such powerful rep nowadays that 1 pos rep will jolt a new user to full bars - there is definitely something wrong with this. Perhaps a complete rep wipe every year or two would help fix this. By the end of the year, maybe giving awards or just a thread showing who got the most rep would give the system a little more meaning, especially if everyone had to start from scratch.

I'm just throwing some ideas out there because imo this forum could use a little spring cleaning.

I have been saying this for a long time.


We should have the following sections....

General MMA
Japanese MMA

All the same training sections


The forum is too watered down with all the individual forums for every damn promotion. There is no need for Strikeforce, Affliction, WVR, Ultimate UK challeng(WTF?) and HDnet to all have thier own forums.

All of the other above mentioned orgs should get split up amongst Japanese MMA and General MMA. Then both of these sections would be bumping. Merging and closing threads does not stop people from ignoring different types of topics, all it does is create 2-3 really long threads where 80% of the posts are absolute garbage.

The general MMA section was the best part of this forum in 06' and 07' and thats because anything that wasn't UFC or PRIDE was discussed there.
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