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2 Word Story --- PARTENAL ADIVSORY x 1000

How this work's is you are only allowed to say 2 word's in each post to go with the thread. The idea is to create a story along the way. It is usually only done with 1 word but I think it'll be better if it's 2 word's.

I begin with;

Here at

Beginning from page 1

Here at my house I was Thinking about Midgets and porn While also eatting the Warm Jello That was Not for cold and salty like (or salty with) sprinkles of tasty delite Then I phoned my Girlfriend so I can get some Puussie and pizza with cooch juice on top of the beach ball near a small peice Of Smelly dog feces When Suddenly There was A Horse With a new dress That made his ass Look sexy like Jennifer not like Toxic yet she tries To seem angelic but what she does at home makes Jesus cry out **** me please ^^^blbolobloblololoblolololo then i started laughing and killed it lol
Continued from pagw 9
I'll start by saying that I am gay for your smelly old Spider-man underwear and think that you are a (a)beautiful long penis with freckles around his pee hole and in his mouth had herpes exploding everywhere while his balls were on fire and his tongue was all over Richard Simmons' face, while Lebron James slapped his ball sack with a meat cleaver and then ate his own nipple with sauce and cheese.

Continued from page 14

Meanwhile in Never neverland some idiot was driving down the School yard and hoping to find Young boys that look very delicious like some tasty candy with juicy in the middle of nowhere Batman swooped into your anus hole with a razor dildo and cut birthday cake that exploded all over your crotch and out the Side of onion rings with a blast of anal juice that tasted like garlic powder and Jager bombs with lasting terrible aftertaste except it actually made your backhair stand up however it also made your ears grow baginas.

Continued from page 14

Miley Cyrus is a nice young little b**ch whos sexy father is my bitch and also a complete idiot that likes it in the ear.
That guy ove there has a enormous ugly fetus growing From his ass cheek that has gross bumps and poo dangling from his ovaries while his mother put vaseline on her big infected bagina and infested ear that hears nothing because she likes Nickelback And we went to their concert even though we knew it would suck ass crack smells like old man Horus Ra who has a big head that spins around when you make a dick slap right on his cheek After that jizz flys right past his eyes and into penis joke.

Anyway yesterday I won a big piece of dog crap i was so excited i wet my little brothers bed and his ass crack while his fat mother rubbed oil on the dog's c*ck while the chicken layed down to shit itself on horus's gym bag which smells like old horse turds with aids even though he can moose fu*k dead goats while also blowing on a hard piece of skunk boner that has tasty sprinkles squeezing out the sides on his big ears yellow fluid drove passed a huge truck of guns&ammo that had anal fluids being farted by goats through their hairy asses and their limp dicks fell off because they expire monthly due to the amish rule of no computers and no batteries for their little Tickle-me Elmo's that have anatomically correct brains and popular ways to molest ze Germans.

**** eh, that was a long one! That's what happens when I slack off I guess.

Continued from page 29.

I molest teeny tiny dead babies whenever I Log onto and I look up Horus Ra's mom doing some very hardcore and nasty spring cleaning just in crotch-less panties and a strap on miner's helmet that was filled with old little tiny dhildren that were playing with pocket ass flavored lubricants that were laced with children's blood and bits of mangled mango's and peices of hair sprinkled all over your greasy bagina that smells like fire mixed with Horus Ra's socks that he jerk's off in while also screaming my name so loud that his mom thinks that he's gay! So then one day Tarzan swung My gay body into a lubed tree that was full of seamen that were in my puckered asshole because somehow my pants Came alive and the neighbours daughter Brought a ultimate machinegun because she is stupid.
Continued from page 37

There once existed a disney popstar who ate with voraciousness and a rusty spoon Nobody could stop her she was rather large and hairy like a relative of that new chia pet that looks like poop When she sits on my cack! can stretch and also grow to over 9000 inches around a cherrio so there are not that many men who can say they have a bagina that can tap dance all over the man's hairy peice of belly dancing shoes that look like they were stolen From a smelly pirate who eats lots of greasy bagina! that tastes rather salty because it wasn't properly waxed and greased like Massachucettes finest meats and alter boys that have to service all the small things that appear outta nowhere in my dick hole which is large enough to be a little bit misunderstood and confused with soft gooey-like cheese logs that have litte tiny ridges and chicken legs that wrap Around my well oiled ass crack that speaks fluent Portugeuse but(t)lacks the correct appendage to rectify it's potty mouth however it tried to tell fortunes but it failed because it was on fire due to excessive friction penis burns that engulfed Horus Ra's bagina.

continued from page 47
Today finally I met Dr Serious He is german and great with sack of really big door knobs that had been taken away from His mother through intercourse that wasn't overly terrible until today when he forgot to pull out because he soiled himself but couldn't smell it On Thursday but Saturday was 2 late 4 another round of very very potent electroshock treatment for the mental instability of his huge bagina only to find that fluid leaks from smelly old yellow and sogey lettuce leaves The fluid dispenses gasses that cause internal bleeding and foaming from the rectum and mouth. Then it oozed all over my cherrios Monkey pajamas with strawberries with strawberries Dick fruit! because it was very juicy and tender like creamed corn with chocolate covered eskimos icey frosting because it never seemed to last longer than D.P.'s attention to dying his hair purple and scruffy blue much like "Cabbage" Correira who eats my sweaty grandmother's hat which tastes much similar sauteed raccoon's testicles and purple pills which taste mossy and like rotten ferret teeth that were prone to eating small children and their puppies that looked at him cocked eyed even when he masterbated.

3 word story

Continued from page 57
The other day I had sex with the mailman then he started having a stroke of his weiner on the bus that was full of frumpy fajitas that leaked orange transmission fluid bubbles that smelled like orange peel marmalade that had been slithering forward apprehensively without concern for the old lady who was urinating in the bushes when her boobs smacked her in her clown makeup before falling off into the fire lit by a(n) small retarded child named BJ Penn whose mother didn't shave her bagina because it smelled like really bad Old cheesy feet baked underneath the cats black tail which is pretty fantastic and clean but also crusty like the back of a guys bright white sportscar without the old dirty underwear that that smelled of little greasy feet that fried in 45 seconds flat After being eaten by asian midgets who had enormous amounts of chutney which we all wish we had for our sisters in third world bazooka porno taping that always seem to leave me feeling somewhat nervous and I pee large amounts of of liquid fire creating hazards for any small animals scurrying about beneath my tiny appendage that was bitten almost in half by Kathy Lee because she hates cake and McNuggets with ranch dressing smeared on the inside of her well kept bagina that hasn't been kept well actually because she likes used sex toys to say sorry for her mother to come out to play tag or scout snappers using a dirty old loincloth that Tim Syliva wore out in seconds Because the stench assaults his nostrils in a way that made him fight Ray Mercer for one round and then gass after too many krispy kreme doughnuts and cheeseburgers from white castle dumpsters that a hobo had decorated with his bloody urine soaked paisley hankies that once belonged to Alister Crowley's overly obese uncle who owned twelve oompa loompas that dated Tim Sylvia.

Continued from page 68.
Only at MMAForum you will find so many hot hairy vaginas that you want in southern Tennessee on hot 21 Little Johnson Road then turn left like you are plowing a leprachaun to the end of a rainbow with a big throbbing beef log with sprinkles that spoke hebrew with a german accent and mustache the size of tito ortiz's head after he's been in Jenna's snatch for a long 10 hour snooze after Jenna pinched kaiser wilhelm's pubes that had crabs that would always grow too long due to extensive lubracting twin cheerleaders whose father was Teddy Ruxpin's cousin and shrecks great great grand-uncle from way back behind the shed with the lawnmower that had a big ass blade for chopping nuts but not big enough to slice four baby turtles because they're ninja's with a badass Pulp Fiction wallets that eat monkeys extremely, oversized, greasy monkeys that are notorious man-eaters who smoke copious amounts of oregano and paprika that's been growing rottn fungis out of its roots, while the cable company called Horus Ra because his kicks suck but he is unable to stop being a troll while touching his his sweaty heavybag His bag was worn out from all of the kicks he received from forum members but Bill Gates said to Horus come to my bag room and we will play with my heavy computer that is actually running OS X because I secretly think Vista sucks but a walrus easily understands OS X because walruses are drop dead sexy because they can tattoo their butts! But they never become a dorito because Doritos never forget a friend or forgive enemies of Sinéad O'Connor because bald women are freak shows who love to fly jello dragons that poop out easily identifiable almonds of a peculiar hue and texture But I saw an aardvark who falcon punched Ducnanjr because he saw Mary-Kate Olsen fighting a puss covered smegma laden willy that once raped a dead turtle that belonged to Rush Limbaugh's head on Thursdays because fridays were booked forever just because it's the song that never ends and gives warnings to all noobs that look like Stephen Harper when he coughs turnips out his ears at terminal velocity.

Continued from page 78 Give Natedog props for putting this one together. Send some green his way.

However, a Rhinoceros taking dangerous amounts of tamiflu capsules And popping codenes will almost always make you feel of your own volition to coalition of gay smurfs to kill Bono because he hates UFC Undisputed 2009 and has passion for Phyllis Diller who loves to wear overly tight hair weaves that play la cucaracha while she does unmentionable things to her poor cat named Jingle-bottom smit who always eats a big bag of meat missles carrying six packs when he is saying why did you launch me into the abyss of Rosie O'Donnell's huge baginal hole of putridity and tons of hairy Detroit Lions' fans who like to lose at football which is obvious they play hockey on their naked finger licking good bowls of chutney while biting their own asses for emotional support not meant for small pregnant midgets named Horus Ra! who got tea-bagged by the guy in the goonies who liked chocolate salty balls since he had D.P.'s illegitament bastard son of a bitch named Gary Coleman but he was born full grown and club footed with buck teeth that shot lazers but he still made fruit loops and fruity pebbles but not trix cause he masturbated watching the view of sexy children in Cornbread's backyard tied to trees with a huge Thread is ruined! because of assholes that can't bet worth a shit because someone sewed his bagina shut which caused extreme stupidity in betting on Kyle Maynard who got beat by a post of naked manparts that were stolen from my bedroom which I hid in my butt! what? what? in my butt!
Continued from page 90

I'm a fa**et because I love bags of funyuns that I stole from Matt Hughes cupboard while he humped his bible and Matt Serra handled his riddum all the way to Pete Sell but couldn't understand why he ate the whole thing instead of giving a flying rats toupee that has a beerbelly made of gummy moose sausage steak that Rob Emerson grew himself while leg-kicking the earth leaving a crator of Texan whores who suck on grape flavored lollipops they got from BJ Penn's mom who greases Georges head to distract the gaming official's making Cecil Peoples panties get in Mazagatti's mouth since he is horny and LOVES panties soaked in buttercream causing early "stoppage" and bad haircuts that make Trump look like a champion dog groomer while his wife does the lambada with the guy from Sesame Street because he has ate a large bowl of chutney covered in cheese and then he took a triceratops out to starbucks for a frappacuino and then went to uranus since space cadets all love Uranus because it's nicely shaped and packed with treasures of many different sizes and expandable waist bands that let them eat more tacos and do landscaping while also doing Giant Silva's laundry when a bear jumped from a large bagina which speaks fluent latin and some arabic that it learned from none other than Horus Ra yesterday at church where jebus rhode a huge catfish with marshmallowy skin but firm buttocks and supple breasts with marshmallow tattoos and Lucky Charms wearing fajita stockings and leather chaps covered in fajitas while taking off millions of fajitas with green peppers and peppermint patty loved charlie brown since he had a big pecker which was nice and named woodstock 99 was spectacular.


Continued from page 100
I'm just tardy because I love her kaleidoscope eyes because acid is not entirely consumable since it makes Carlos Mencia funny in the tummy when actually he rips off comedians and eats fajitas smeared with juicy deep fryer grease from the vatican city sewage line turning the fajita that's three sizes too small for roaming through thick and loose snatch of Hillary Clinton into a wrinkled 6 upper tyrannus Rex's huge bagina that housed immigrants of disproportioned malcontents since the jihad of Seasame Street made bombs of sunshine and pandas that left destruction from symphony swaying pokemon attack squirtles! under the age that I like for making soup easier to swallow since they have ribbed throats for for eating small child flavored iguanas that are actually quite tasty and full of riboflavin powder for killing cheesy monkey sentrys bent on destruction of minimum wage war on sherdog which is home to total douchebags yet lovingly warm moist douchebags that are actually dirty douche bags so stop lying dirty douche bags get a bad rap since they have fullblown ghonaherpacyphicrab wonderful benefits that have 90% dental and 73% anal because everyone loves a nice colonoscopy because it makes baby jesus cry agressively for blue man group since they are GAY ping wide baginas filled with kumquat's and tasty oranges flown from Spain where antelopes play and the forum isn't cloudy all the time......HYSTERIA! is a terrible raspberry pie filling with whipped topping the charts for at least an hour and a cornbeef hash side of the barn burning chicken wings of an ostrich scaled back to 1:16th/inch scale with 20/20 hindeyesight in both ass and in soul causing the genocide of red haired fat Taiwanese trannys led by Horus mother ******* Ra
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