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Originally Posted by -GSP- View Post
I'm just trying to gain as much lean muscle as possible while keeping my BF % relatively low. Any supplements aside from pro-hormones or steroids are worth giving a shot.

My diet is pretty awesome how it is except for the fact that I slip up drinking alcohol and getting fast food for me and the GF but what can you do?

There's a guy that my workout partner and I converse with at the gym regularly. Guy is absolutely shredded and said he's done it with a diet similar to mine, hard work + dedication, and cellucor supplements.

He recommended trying the muscle mass package they have on their site but I told him I don't have the money right now to spend on that entire package so he said "YOU DEFINITELY HAVE TO GO ON THE P6"!

I don't know...
Nice, Nice.

Well the P6 really isn't anything special for what you are paying for it. For the price they charge for the Stack ($270) you could buy a cycle of real gear with PCT.

You never really know what someone is really taking. He could be taking steroids and just be hawking Cellucor because he is working for the company as a Rep. I see it all the time over at

Guy over there are taking real gear and then Repping a supplement company. Usually in exchange for money or free products.

You never know though.

But if you wanted something similar try the Mass FX link I posted in my sig. You can also stack it with it's other product Hyperdrol.

Testabolan would be a good choice too.

If you buy anything make sure to throw it in with your log and track your progress.

Anything else you know where to find me.

I just wanted to make something else clear. Like stated in my earlier post, these Natty Test Boosters aren't going to give you steroid like results, they may bring out some definition, increase libido, aggression etc but they aren't going to turn you Arnie over a 4 week period.

The closest thing you can get to steroids legally are things like H-Drol (Halodrol-50), M-Drol (superdrol), Epistane, PPlex (Phera Plex), Xtreme Tren etc.

But all of those require post cycle ranging from an over the counter Anti Aromatase to Prescription Tamoxifen/Clomid.
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