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Originally Posted by Horus Ra View Post
a lot of ignorance in this thread, like i said do you research. go to become a memember and you tell them what you think works and they will laugh at you, neg you and ban you within a day.

creatine is used to increase the amount of water you can absorb.

trib? LOL

do your research on the forum of so you can all stop being so ignorant.

i gave my review. there's no need for you to act stupid and ask for evidence.

like the one guy said,a lot of products are not regulated and the statements haven't been evaluated by the FDA

Like I said 100 times, people react differently to things but also you have to remember to stop letting the placebo effect and false progress (water weight gain from creatine) to keep you wasting your money.

end thread/

P.S. when you find out i'm right, you can feel free to apologize and rep me
Good grief, is a good site to if you want to buy supplements, but their forum is one of the last places you want to go for credible information. It seems as if you base all of your information from your own results or hearsay. Do you have any degree in nutritional sciences or sports related sciences? If not, I'd suggest you stop trying to pose as some subject related expert. Doing so seems to be unhealthy for your forum popularity.

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