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Originally Posted by southpaw447 View Post
I agree with this. What your going to get over at forum is a bunch of bro science.

-Broscience is the predominant brand of reasoning in bodybuilding circles where the anecdotal reports of jacked dudes are considered more credible than scientific research.

How about simply using your head before you post such ridiculous shit

Yeah his log is just plain. Dumb he's 135lbs and he's trying to cut using a supplement (fat burner) made by Dave Palumbo. Not realizing that when he finishes cutting he's going to look like an ethiopian. Not to mention he's eating like shit and training like a bitch

PLus didn't he just post 6 pages ago that Fat Burners were one of the many useless supplements?

Being he is bodybuilder (as he claims) I don't think Sherdog's S&P is going to help him and in fact he'll probably catch a ton of shit over there for it
never said I was a bodybuilder. training until your sweating and bleedding and you can't move isnt hard enough?

I was 156, that's a loss of 21 lbs. I wont look ethopian, I will have a slimmer stomach, and a more toned look. I'm not trying ot be the next jay cutler. I said only stimulant fat burners where the main ingredient was caffeine and I even notated that other fat burners I have no experience with yet. so you can stop bashing me now. please and thank you.

I have nothing else to say.

From the ADMIN of
Originally Posted by SugarShane View Post
I respect the hell out of what you're doing man. You obviously have passion for the sport. Good luck with everything bro. Props dude.
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