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Originally Posted by mrmyz
Its not that simple I know people who are mortgage brokers real estate brokers and stock brokers. It takes more then just being able to hustle to make it big in those positions. If it was that easy every one would do it. To become big in those practices it takes a couple of years of experience.

One of my brother in laws is a stock broker. To get picked up in one of the major firms which are the ones making that big money that you talk about you have to pay your dues. They dont hire just any one you have to go through a screening process and then you have to go through a trial by fire. Out of hundreads of applicants only a few get picked up to do an internship with them which is non paid. Out of them one or two of them will get the job. Also if you fail to make it through that internship you will never get picked up by any of the big brokerages again.

Yeah they might pick up people with out degrees if they have alot of real world experience pertaining to the feild but the more education you have the easier it is to get your foot in the door. The reason my brother in law got chosen through the screening process was because he had both real world expereince and a degree to back it up. Most of the guys who made it through had degrees. Only one guy didnt and he was some one who worked for a smaller brokerage.

You have a choice if you want to be a stock broker go to college and get some internships or real world experience at the same time and go from there or just try and go for a smaller brokerage. There are no short cuts in life either path involves work.

Your not going to get into the big firms which are the ones that make big money unless you have a degree or alot of expereince. So if your just some 19 year old kid your going to have to apply to a smaller firm and from their learn the ropes and prove yourself for a couple of years before you can move up to a bigger firm. Either way your looking at 5 years or more of hard work before your making the big moneyy.

Ive met brokers that are rich and I have met brokers that were barely making it.

criminal justice and asian history are my degrees. I want to pursue government jobs right now I have three offers on the table. One with capital hill police which is offering me 57k a year starting salary. One with the broward sheriffs office which is offering me 48k a year starting salary.

I can also apply to alot of jobs in the private sector which would equate to alot more money. With my military expereince and degree I could easily get a job in the private sector coming extremely close to six figures. I have two bachelors degrees and a military backround if I transfer over to the national guard right now I can become an officer and then be trained in military intelligence.

If I choose to do that I will have officer leadership training which is a huge plus, military intelligence clearance, a law enforcement backround and two degrees.

I could work government contracts with wakinhut easitly and be in the 3 figures with out a problem.

Degrees are important but its not the only thing you need. If you want to be successfull you need as much bragging rights as you can gather.

Honestly, i respect everyone's oppinion but u have no idea what u r talking about. I am a stockbroker, my office is comprised of mainly guys with no college degree that have good sales skills(street guys). Top guy in my office makes over 1,000,000$$ yr. We are not a major firm either.

It is not for everyone, that you r right about. every 10 guys that comes into our training program 1-2 makes it
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