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Originally Posted by wukkadb View Post
Good to see you back. What kinda supps do you take? What's your diet look like as well?
High potency multvitamin
Whey blend
Fish oils
Creatine monohydrate

Sometimes when I'm lazy I'll take NO-Xplode before I lift, but I always pay the price in lost sleep.

My diet isn't ideal at all and is really repetitve, but I can maintain it at least.

7am - Protein shake
9am - Cottage cheese + Granola + Fruit
11am - Chicken/Salmon + Brown Rice/Potatoes + Vegetables
3pm - Protein shake
6pm - Oatmeal + Milk + Bananas
8pm - Protein shake
9pm - Random dinner (pasta,chicken burger,whatever)
11pm - Protein shake

It's around 4000 calories.

I also drink V8 randomly throughout the day and at least 6L of water.

I'll be swapping out the 3PM protein shake for something more solid, I drink alot of that shit because I'm too lazy to cook. Thinking tuna sandwiches.

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