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Originally Posted by I.P.Freely
I was watching a couple of episodes of TUF3 recently, and watching all of Ken Shamrock's antics as a trainer reminded me a lot of Mr. Burns in the Softball episode of The Simpsons.

Recall that in that episode, Mr. Burns first wants to recruit a team of ringers all of whom are now dead ("bring me better players... bring me living players!") Then he insists on hypnotizing his team of all-stars into thinking they are good players. Then he makes them drink an ancient nerve tonic, which gives one of them gigantism (I think it's Ken Griffy Jnr.).

Ken Shamrock, by comparison, doesn't bring a ju-jitsu coach, gives them a bodybuilder as a conditioning coach, doesn't do give cardio training, keeps getting them to goof off, doesn't turn up sometimes, and alternates between getting them to beat the crap out of eachother and taking it easy.

Actually, Ken may be nuttier than Burns.
"What do you expect of me, I'm working with a bunch of slack-jawed yokels and cheese-eating surrender monkeys." -M.Burns
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