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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
You what, southpaw? First of all, you'd do well by not being condescending and going on as if you are the only person on this board who knows a thing two about supplements, because you aren't. Your not special, i'm afraid. Secondly, i'm sorry to burst your bubble but not everybody here feels like they have to rely on all the latest supplements in the world in order to achieve their goals.

It really is as simple as eating well, working out sensibly and being aided by regular consumptions of protein shakes and creatine. It's THAT simple and if you think that it ain't then it's you who don't know shit. Twat.
I never said I was all knowing, I do my research I've tried a shitload of stuff probably more than I needed to at my age. I do my research before I enter a conversation so I don't sound like a complete idiot, unlike you and the OP.

Secondly I never said taking a plethora of supplements was going to help you achieve your goals.

I made it clear in my first post that the supplements the OP was claiming to be shit, aren't and that some of them do actually work and have clinical studies to back them.

I also made it clear that the only supplements I have been using for the past 8 months are Protein, A Pre Workout Product, a Multivitamin and Fish Oil. I don't even use creatine.

While you may only really need Whey Protein, Multi, Fish Oil, that doesn't mean everything else outside of that is complete crap.

While using a Testosterone Booster or Pump Product may not be considered essential, that doesn't mean it's junk.

Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Lol!! yeah i'm jealous of a guy who feels he needs to prove to an entire forum that he knows more than everybody else about so and so. Yup, i'm green with envy.

Anyways, how do you know what he knows and how comes you feel the need to lick up his backside?
My intention is to prove him wrong, because he is wrong. And plenty of posters here will agree with me. I'm not here to flaunt my knowledge to make myself feel important. I use my knowledge so I can help others and as well help me achieve my personal goals.

The stuff that the OP posted was based on his experiences, not fact even though he claimed it to be fact it's not and that's all I was trying to do was make the truth known.

It's people like him and people like you who are the reason that people end up ******* themselves up because they were fed false information.

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