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Originally Posted by recon6991 View Post
Dark Knight, you have been giving advice a lot lately, but most of it sucks, why would you get mad at wukka, or anyone for that matter, backing someone who is consistently right? Instead of getting all pissy over it why not just listen to what the guy says, and maybe learn something and then pass that [useful] knowledge on?

Oh dear oh dear..

Err, who said I was 'mad' at wukka? I simply asked him a question then advised him to stop playing cheerleader, but he doesn't want to so i'ma leave it. That's not getting 'mad' so choose your words carefully if you don't want to end up looking foolish. It seems you are also in that cheerleader squad. Now all you need is some pompoms and a really short skirt then you're good to go.

Originally Posted by southpaw447 View Post
My intention is It's people like him and people like you who are the reason that people end up ******* themselves up because they were fed false information.

Whoa, hold up..

I was admiring your post until I got to this bit..

What have I said to indicate to you that i've messed myself up because I was fed false information? Please highlight anything I said that would lead you to say such a thing. Please. You, Billy, have basically said that that because I only use protein shakes and creatine as supplements I am somehow *beeping* myself up Please tell me how this works?

Originally Posted by TheNegation View Post
Or maybe you should stop being lame because you are in the wrong. Twat.
This kid is awesome

Why Do We Fall?

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