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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
so choose your words carefully if you don't want to end up looking foolish.
Good avice. Maybe you should follow it?
Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Whoa, hold up..

I was admiring your post until I got to this bit..

What have I said to indicate to you that i've messed myself up because I was fed false information? Please highlight anything I said that would lead you to say such a thing. Please. You, Billy, have basically said that that because I only use protein shakes and creatine as supplements I am somehow *beeping* myself up Please tell me how this works?
Reading comprehension fail.

Buddy, this is a public forum, come here and say someting stupid and people are going to call you out on it. Just because we all think you are wrong doesn't mean we are here backing Southpaw up.

Clearly you are mad, and don't like being told you are wrong, otherwise you wouldn't be responding to us like you are.

Or no, maybe it's all some big MMAforum regulars conspircay against you.
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