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Originally Posted by MMAMenslage View Post

Anyways, don't be so sure to just disregard Creatine and other supplements. There is a 22 year old dude in my gym who gained over 35 lbs of muscle over the summer. He used Nitrix, N.O. Xplode, Cell Mass, True Mass, Syntha-6, Axis-HT, Animal Pak, The whole Trifekta stack, and some other stuff. I could literally see a difference each week, it was insane.

Creatine is scientificly proven to work. Either, you went with cheap junk creatine, you are a non-creatine responder, you were using other supplements that screwed up your creatine, you didn't work hard enough, you didn't use it long enough, you overtrained, you screwed up omn your creatine dosage, or you are just so friggin lazy you wont buy creatine so you wanna discredit it.
Holy ******* shit! 35lbs in one summer!!! Was the dude cycling like enough steroids to kill a horse? I can't put on weight for shit

Originally Posted by southpaw447 View Post
Creatine works and does what is say it does... to an extent.

I've used it in several forms (Mono, CEE, Kre Alkalyn)

Mono is the only form that really did anything. I took it in the form of Vitargo CGL which was a Creatine Mono/Waxy Maize Combo.

I put on some size but I couldn't stand the bloating.

I tried Kre Alkalyn a while ago and didn't notice a damn thing.

CEE was in one of the Pre Workout supplements I took and I didn't know if it was doing anything or not.

I've gained about 30lbs since last summer without the help of Creatine so you don't really need it.
I have no idea what kind of creatine I took in high school but it was like a pinkish/purple liquid mix I drank and rotated water/juice etc with.

All im taking now is wheybolic extreme protein shake shit from GNC, GNC mega men vitomen pack and fish oil. What if anything would you recommend for me to add to my stack of stuff to build lean muscle? I know I need to increase my calories and cut back on cardio, but ive been to afraid to lose mah abs/obs but ive always wanted to get bigger, i was around 180ish at my best weight in high school, im about 168ish now. (price is no object)

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