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Was a real small class today and Grimshaw was teaching class today.

5 min warmup drill, did lots of work from the different positions of side control, then drilled trying to escape while the other person tries to hold it down or submit.

Advanced class was lots of fun stuff but it's kind of blurry now... a couple sweeps, a collar choke, I got him to teach us a bit about escaping leg locks.

Got to roll a couple rounds, but I felt a sharp pain in my left knee and had to stop. It still hurts now, don't think its serious but it may be pretty stiff tomorrow. First day back and this shit, wtf.

My sides or ribs or whatever feel much better now. Only hurts when I'm getting thrown, and I rolled with a 300+lb guy today so I think that's an adequate enough test. Hopefully the knee feels good and I can train tomorrow, I really need to get fully into this.
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