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Kicking development

After doing boxing for two years and stopping for almost a year I decided it was time to get back into the game this time with kick boxing. I however was disappointed in my flexibility as a kicker. I cannot kick high at all, and it seems as if my knee does not want to straighten out my leg the higher I go. By this I mean if I was attempting to kick my own chest I cannot get my leg to straighten out completely like / instead it remains looking like < but better then that.

I also found that my general flexibility is pathetic at best. I am as a whole thoroughly disappointed with my ability to kick, and I do not wish to remain strictly a boxer for all time. I have for a few days now been doing static and dynamic stretching. Static stretching makes sense to me. But I think I need a better explanation of dynamic stretching because my understanding is that I am supposed to complete the motion I want like a front kick but just slowly without holding it and repeatedly.

What do I do? At this moment I cannot even touch my toes. my kicks have slightly improved but I cannot seem to get my leg to fully extend unless I am kicking below the belt. My highest kick would land just below the chest of an average man and it would not be effective because I cannot get that snapping motion out of my leg because i cannot fully extend.

Does everyone start here or am I inherently no good at kicking and genetically no good for it? I want to keep a log of how high I can kick but I don't even want to do that till I can extend my leg. Any suggestions?
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