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I really need to be more faithful with posting. I feel like I'm letting you guys down.

Anyways, I should have a video up soon of deadlifting. I have a competition tommorrow at school. In our weight training class, we have a different competition about every other week and this week happens to be the deadlift.

Since I weighed in at 180 I figured I would do around 500 lbs since you have to do the lift for 5 reps for the lift to count and then whoever has the best positive ratio (take the wight your doing for the comp and subtract it by your weight) and that is your "score". So, I was warming up with about 350 and then just decided to throw on four fourty-five pound plates on each side on a seventy-five pound hex bar totaling 525.

So for the comp I'm going to 525 X 5 for a +345.. solid enough for first place. I will find out tommorrow what second place is but my friend says he is going to record me doing the lift so as soon as he does I will post it
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