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Originally Posted by gary b View Post
First off I just want people to know that Dennis Warner is not involved with Champion of Champions II. Risarc is in breach of their contract with Mr. Warner (he has right of first of refusal to promote this event). Second, Malaipet will not be involved. Third, Clifton Brown is just riding the coatails of Dennis Warner and INSYNC Productions. He made all the contacts when he was on the card last year (He lost and cried about it). This event will probably be just as big as a debacle as the ill fated Dubai event (which never took place and left egg on the face of the WBC). The people at RISARC (they know who they are) don't have the guts to pick up the phone and call Mr. Warner. The present themselves as good charitable people but they are nothing but dishonest narcissistic spotlight seekers. They lied to Mr. Warner time and time again. He upheld his end of the bargin and in the end they just screwed him. And Clifton, after all the Dennis has done for you don't you have the decency to call him and tell him what is up? You can call all of the fighters and gyms from last year but you can't call Dennis? That is so wrong! No loyalty. Dennis would be crazy to have you fight on any of his cards in the future. In any case, Dennis Warner and INSYNC Productions still put on the best Muaythai fight cards in the world. Stay tuned for more.
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